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Pet Photography. Luna, 2014. Taken with a Canon Rebel T3, 18-55mm Lens. Part of a full calendar project.
USA Lumber truck decal. Designed as a promotional piece to be eye-catching on the side of a truck.
What medium can most effectively convey the feeling of a dream? I chose photo manipulation. For my senior thesis I
re-created dreams in Photoshop to give viewers that sense of warped reality I felt while having each dream.
Viking Football. Illustration created for a local football team.
Nerbsky clothing logo. Designed to be hip and trendy, the clean and abstract shape is single color
for printing purposes, and is also designed to be easy to stencil.
My Old Friends redesign mimics the familiar sight of a friendly dog greating you with a curious nose. The warm
color and handdrawn style encapsulates the loving atmosphere the dogs and the sanctuary owners give one another.
Movie poster for the short film "Step One". The scattered office feeling of the piece
hints towards the nature and feel of the film.
It's always time for bacon ad campaign. Just about everybody loves bacon. This ad campaign reminds
viewers that bacon isn't just for breakfast.
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